Training Initiatives

Island Hotels Group sees its staff as its most valuable asset. They are our front line people, the face that presents IHGH to our hotel guests, our restaurant clientele and the many visitors to our resorts and spas. Staff training is therefore not an add-on for us, but an integral part of our business. Our people gain, not only in terms of skills they require to do their immediate job such as company induction and skills training, but also life skills in areas such as first aid, health and safety issues and many more.

The Human Resources Team delivers an extensive activities plan each year addressing a vast variety of training needs targeting all levels of the organisation covering service, management development, sales, occupational health and safety, food hygiene and IT skills just to mention a few.

As part of the Rezidor Group, we have adopted the international hotel chain’s ‘Yes I Can’ training programme which lies at the core of its service philosophy. It has become a way of life for all Radisson Blu employees. It is based on a positive service attitude – Yes I Can! that translates into every facet of our work and our attitude towards guests. We have delivered ‘Yes I Can! training to all members of our staff, and have seen the programme help people overcome the challenges they face each day. As a result, we have seen a clear sense of purpose ripple across our organisation. Life Skills training is an annual programme extended to around 40 staff members each year. It is both a personal and professional development programme covering various essential ‘soft skills’ necessary for effective people management. The scheme is designed and delivered in a way that sees people holistically, as individuals and not just employees. Staff members complete seven modules in life skills over six months in different areas. The programme has helped develop the potential of many of our staff; making them feel far more empowered and confident in their roles.

Another important initiative is ‘Skills for Life’ is a Personal and Professional Development Programme in People Management for middle management and supervisors. This training initiative is aimed at management at all levels as well as supervisors as part of their development plan. The primary aim of the introduction of Skills for Life is to instill leadership and people management skills which are in line with the company’s core values (PEARL). Therefore such a focus on people management ensures that through each and every manager and supervisor we are ensuring that all our employees will ultimately enjoy a leadership approach which is based on respect of our employees.

Ensuring teamwork is harnessed throughout the group ‘Power of One’ initiative aimed at encouraging managers to collaborate and coordinate across departments and properties in order for IHGH to draw strength from its collective capabilities. It also ensures we speak as one voice and deliver to set quality and service standards across our portfolio.

‘Responsible Business’ is the framework within which Island Hotels promotes Corporate Social Responsibility with our team.

The Responsible Business Programme focuses on three main principals:

  • Taking full responsibility for the Health and Safety of guests as well as of our employees,
  • Respecting Social and Ethical issues within the company, as well as within the community
  • Reducing our negative impact on the Environment.

All employees are trained in the Responsible Business framework and we strive to live these values in our daily work as well as through various activities organised throughout the year such as our Responsible Business week.

Training should not be one way; at IHGH, we feel our organisation is best served if we understand more about our employees. We place great importance therefore on our annual Staff Climate Analysis, an anonymous questionnaire which invites staff to let management know how they feel about various aspects of their work, team and day-to-day environment. It enables us to take stock and gauge the overall level of motivation of staff. In recent years, the overall average has been above target, with around 86 per cent of staff showing high levels of satisfaction and motivation.



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