PEARL Awards

Island Hotels Group holds a grand event every year known as the Pearl Awards which started in 2008. These awards serve to recognise members of our team who have excelled in performance in specific areas at work, and often in their various roles within the wider community as well. Pearl was created from our desire to maintain and foster our traditional values, born of our roots as a family firm, as we enter a period of rapid growth and change as a public company. With our staff complement now exceeding 1,000 people we want to ensure that individual contributions and successes are recognised, appreciated and rewarded.

The Pearl Awards, have been well received by staff who eagerly anticipate the gala ceremony each November. The scheme has garnered praise also from our international partners at Rezidor Hotels Group. It has proved a valuable tool in motivating our teams; so much so that the majority of individual winners thank first their close counterparts for supporting them and helping them on the road to a Pearl Award.

The awards fall into ten categories ranging from team work, creativity and precision on the job to Responsible Business and humanitarian work; these latter two seek to recognise the dedication and commitment our staff demonstrate within the community beyond IHGH, out of hours in their free time.

The Pearl Awards are at the forefront of our Human Resources ethos. Their success, in such a short period, has given us the firm belief that IHGH can become a truly international group with local, family values and community spirit at its core, guiding our customer service, quality and personality. Pearl, and its awardees, serves to give meaning to our credo of ‘Genuine People, Genuine Passion, Genuine Prospects and Genuine Progress’.

Pearl Award Categories

  • Smile a Mile
  • Team Award
  • Friendliness Award
  • PrecEyes Award (precision, care and attention on the job)
  • Newcomer Award
  • Responsible Business Award
  • Louis Naudi Award (dedicated to the memory of the late Louis Naudi, IHGH HR Director, and given in recognition of humanitarian and community work)
  • Outstanding Performance Award
  • Creativity & Innovation Award
  • Sales + Award
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