Human Resources Team

The Human Resources Team at Island Hotels Group is formed by five people who all truly live by the company’s core values ensuring that we extend our support, guidance and assistance to all our employees in a genuine way.

We strive to be fair and consistent in our policies as well as follow the group’s Code of Business Ethics as highlighted below:

  • We respect the law
  • We show respect for all persons in all situations
  • We think ethically
  • We act fairly
  • We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason
  • We are honest and transparent
  • We are loyal to our employer
  • We do not exploit the company’s resources
  • We think of safety at all times
  • We take care of the Earth


The Team

Deborah Scerri – Group Human Resources Administration Manager

Deborah Scerri is the Group Human Resources Administration Manager based at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands.  She joined Island Hotels Group back in 1996 originally as receptionist and joined the Human Resources Team in 2005 as Group Human Resources Administrator.  Deborah is responsible for the administration of the entire Human Resources Team she also supports the Team in several areas such as training co-ordination, and ensuring standard operating practices for the whole Human Resources Team.

Rosanne Rocco – Human Resources Manager at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands

Rosanne Rocco is the Human Resources manager at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands. Rosanne recently joined the group in March 2015.   She has been working in Human Resources for more than 13 years within various sectors including manufacturing and the financial services. Her educational background is in psychology, psychotherapy and education and takes a particular interest the areas of motivation, personal development and adult learning.  She has completed her Masters in Business Administration in 2014.  Rosanne co-ordinates the Human Resources practices within the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands in line with the group’s vision. She is responsible for the recruitment, training and development of employees to provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasises empowerment, quality and standards.

Lindsay Anne Borg – Human Resources Manager at Radisson Blu, St Julian’s

Linsday Anne joined the Human Resources Team back in December 2009, as Assistant HR Manager at Radisson Blu Golden Sands Resort & Spa. She then moved to Radisson Blu St Julian’s, in April 2011 occupying the same role. Lindsay Anne was promoted to Human Resources Manager in November, 2011 where she is responsible for all recruitment, employees’ training and development to provide genuine quality performance as well as to co-ordinate the Human Resources practices of the group at this hotel.

Claire Mangion – Human Resources Coordinator at Island Caterers Limited

Claire recently joined Island Hotels Group in July 2015 as the Human Resources Coordinator at Island Caterers. She joined the group after completing her B.A. (Hons) in Tourism Studies and carrying out an HR intern-ship in one of Malta’s five star hotels. Claire’s main tasks include recruitment, employee training and development, employee registrations as well as supporting the whole ICL operation.

Josian Van Gurchom – Human Resources Manager at Costa Coffee

Josian joined Island Hotels Group  in April 2000, as a receptionist and was promoted to reservations clerk ten months later. In 2003 she became HR Manager. As Human Resources manager she is responsible for the employees’ training and development as well as ensuring that our company values are nurtured. She considers the employees general well being as the most important aspect of her job.






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