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Our People

Welcome to Island Hotels Group.

The company was born of a family’s firm belief in core traditional values as the driving force behind its business. We may have grown over the years, but we have not lost sight of our human side wherever our business has taken us. Island Hotels is the successful group it is today thanks to the efforts of genuine people in our staff who have a genuine passion for what they do.

At no time has this passion been more evident than in the past year or two which has seen us transformed from a family business into a public company. We have been able to do this, smoothly and successfully, because of the trust and faith we have in our people.

Throughout our years in business, people with drive, energy and talent have taken the reins. Island Hotels thrives on talented individuals and individual efforts, but it is also very much the sum of many parts; our people’s capacity to work as a team has been our greatest strength.

In turn, we strive to deliver genuine prospects to our staff and help them develop in their careers, challenge themselves and believe themselves capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. Many of our staff, from management to front-of-house personnel and from chefs to part-timers in our service teams, have worked for the company well over a decade. Having a low staff turnover is testament to the company’s success and this makes us very proud.

Island Hotels is not solely about properties, it is also about people. Our staff is our real face to the world, and it is through their contributions that we can claim our business is at the forefront in Malta, and that we are now able to seek opportunities further afield.

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