The Oasis at Golden Sands

When Radisson Blu Golden Sands Resort & Spa opened its doors in 2005, it was hailed as a first in Malta for its environmental credentials, sensitivity to nature and total commitment to quality. The ideals and standard set by Golden Sands are to extend with the development of the nearby, disused Hal Ferħ holiday village; an 83,000m² site set just inland from Għajn Tuffieħa and Golden Bay. The aim is to create another first in Malta with a unique leisure offer comprising a low-rise, luxury complex with extensive landscaping.

The Oasis at Golden Sands will complement the Golden Sands Resort in this area of outstanding natural beauty, but its design will go a step further. Hal Ferħ is set to take IHGH’s environmental commitment to new heights; the intent is for it to be a carbon neutral project,which would make it a first of its kind in Malta. It is envisaged that the Oasis at Golden Sands will provide Malta with the ultimate eco-chic destination.

IHGH acquired the site in perpetual emphyteusis from the Government of Malta and Air Malta following a tender. The Group is to develop the site through its newly established affiliate, The Heavenly Collection Limited, in which its partners in the Golden Sands Resort also have a 50% equity interest. The Oasis at Golden Sands, with a total investment of €80 million, will see Island Hotels Group increase its workforce by 300.

The project demonstrates the group’s ability to innovate and continually bring quality and diversity to the country’s tourism offer. It also see the long-overdue and sensitive development of an abandoned site.
The Oasis at Golden Sands involves the building of 218, condominium-style, low-level units in clusters. The size of the rooms will be on average 100m² making them the largest and most luxurious on the island. The project is unique in Malta for its low density of building: units will cover a footprint of 17,000m² with the remaining 66,000m² used for vegetation, landscaping and external recreational areas.

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