Corporate Social Responsibility

As a high-profile entity in Malta, and employing around 1,000 staff, Island Hotels Group takes its role in the community and its responsibilities to its employees seriously. We have seen Malta itself transform over the past three decades into a thriving economy now based primarily on services. Our success parallels that of the country and, in growing, we have drawn on the talent and hard work of the people who live here.

We take every opportunity therefore to play our part, giving back to the community where we can, whether by developing people’s skills, caring for the environment or in helping those in need. Here, we outline some of our recent initiatives that fall under our corporate social responsibility programme.

Our People

It is a major hallmark of our group to be responsible employers as well as responsible corporate members of society. We extend our care and interest in our employees to recognising their efforts within and outside the work place as well as try to help them in the challenges they face.
In-house, we operate an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which offers a support system for employees and their families who require help. It provides assistance in various ways, from financial support as well as care, support and mentoring.

Through our annual Pearl Award scheme, we recognise members of our team who have excelled in performance in specific areas linked to our core values. The Pearl Awards serve not only to recognise individual efforts. They are also an opportunity to motivate the team and celebrate our ‘can-do’ approach. Awardees invariably praise their team colleagues for playing a role in helping them achieve.

Local Community

IHGH does more than support local charities and good causes financially. We go beyond this to assist in the community actively, with initiatives ranging from tree planting and beach clean-ups to hosting Christmas parties for children in need. IHGH staff are key in enabling us to get involved in the community and many give freely of their time and resources.

In recent years, we have committed ourselves to several financial support schemes. One such programme is our financial provision for the education of boys at the St Joseph’s home in Santa Venera. Through a three-year commitment of €21,000, several boys at the home are given supplementary education in academic subjects in which they need support, thereby making a real difference to their potential futures.

We are also keen to ensure that our actions, in our working lives within IHGH, take our fellow staff members and the wider community into consideration at all times. We have therefore organised initiatives such as our ‘Responsible Business Week’ which saw us role out 14 activities in a week aimed at promoting and sensitising ourselves to different aspects of responsible business. These type of activities are followed up throughout the year with continuous staff training and awareness programmes.


For many years, the group has invested significantly in ensuring that we operate at the highest level of environmental sustainability. We employ sophisticated technologies including water desalination, waste water treatment, building management systems and many others. In this way, we not only operate in a cleaner way, but we are also more efficient. We are currently working with Ing. Marco Cremona, a specialist in water management, treatment and conservation, in running his innovative waste management technology in one hotel. Ing. Cremona was a finalist in the Good Entrepreneur awards in 2009.

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